Introduction to MSNI

Merchant Support Network, Inc (MSNI) is an established provider of merchant accounts. MSNI was founded in July of 1997 in San Francisco. The founders of MSNI set out to establish credibility through honest pricing, superior products, and quality customer service. MSNI’s relationships with its own staff, merchants, and third party providers/affiliates are based on honesty and integrity.

Today our corporate team works from our San Francisco Bay Area office in Burlingame, CA. Since the company began operations, MSNI has grown primarily because of our affiliate relationships. Our business plan has been consistent in our commitment to develop these third-party relationships.

We have been successful and our success is directly attributable to our service philosophy of ALWAYS looking for the best solution for merchants. If you heard of MSNI through your banker, web host, developer, accountant, or trade association, thank them because they have chosen us based on this service philosophy and because they care about you and your business.

To illustrate our service record we have letters of accommodation, testimonials, professional references, and links to current merchants available by request.

Additionally, we have links to third party business organizations for the purpose of displaying our record of integrity, honesty, and of our commitment to excellent service.

We are also current members of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce in an effort to contribute to local business development.

We use a consultative approach with merchants to provide two basic functions. The first is the credit card acceptance account or merchant account. The second function is providing the point-of-sale equipment or software. We can provide hardware for retail storefront and restaurant businesses, wireless options for m-commerce (mobile businesses such as limousines and locksmiths), and software for mail order and e-commerce businesses.

Our client centered service, diverse products, and competitive pricing leads to completely satisfied merchants and long term business alliances.

Welcome to Merchant Support Network, Inc.

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