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We take care of the heavy-lifting on payroll and taxes, so you can focus on what matters most.

Payroll Features

​ Unlimited bonus and off-cycle payrolls
​ ​Easy payroll cancellation
✓ ​Flexible payment schedules
​Net-to-gross payments
​ ​Direct deposit and checks
✓ Hourly and salary support

​Multiple pay rates
​ ​Multiple pay schedules
​ ​Paperless onboarding
​ ​Reimbursements
​ ​Teams
​ ​Detailed payroll reports



✓​ ​Pre-tax benefits
​ ​Digital signatures
​ ​Accountant and bookkeeper collaboration
​ ​Accounting, time tracking, and HR software integrations
​ ​Tax form amendments
​ ​Multiple states support

Vacation & Sick-Time Tracking

✓ Unlimited vacation and sick-time policies

​ ​Tenure accruals
​ ​New hire waiting periods

​ ​Support for unlimited PTO policies

Employee Self-Service & Profiles

✓ Employee self-onboarding
​ ​Lifetime accounts

​ ​Digital paystubs
​Payday emails

​ ​Online W-2 and 1099 access
​ ​Charitable donations

Automated Tasks

✓ Automatic tax filings and payments
​Payroll on AutopilotTM
​ ​New hire reporting

​ ​W-2s and 1099s
​ ​Automated child support garnishment payments

​ ​Automated workers’ comp administration and payments

Expert Customer Support

​​Dedicated MSNI account manager & payroll support staff

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