Finding a payment processing solution with transparent pricing and no contracts is a must. Solutions like these offer more flexibility than long-term contracts which limit your choices and often have large cancellation fees.

Buying your equipment outright is the lowest cost option in the medium to long-term. You can easily find affordable terminals in the $250-350 price range.

When looking at the pricing structures of payment processing solutions, make sure you look at everything. Low rates can look attractive when you first sign up, but you might find that there are other charges that make the deal ultimately more expensive.

Your rate should be static, helping you to budget and plan for the future. The only rates that should change are those from Visa or MasterCard because they are outside of the payment processing provider’s control.

Make sure you can accept all methods of payment from your clients, including traditional swipe, online payments, mobile payments, and recurring payments. Being inclusive shows that you care about each and every one of your clients and you value their business.

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